We are a Portuguese brand of clothing and accessories made with hemp.

We believe it’s our responsibility to rethink the way clothes are designed, made and consumed. That’s why Sesihemp’s mission is to develop innovative and regenerative solutions that allow to overcome the current challenges in the textile industry and create products with ethics and conscience.

Our values

SENSIHEMP was born out of the need for change.
We insist on the right of style, quality and fashion to coexist with humanity and nature.
We take responsibility for all the design and production decisions. We strive to eliminate waste, enabling a circular economy and community.
We value change and will continually innovate to provide the best clothing possible.
We accept that it’s our duty to support innovation and human collaboration for positive change.
It’s time to move beyond sustainability and set goals to achieve circular and regenerative practices.
We strive to source only the lowest impact materials with the highest performance qualities and found hemp to be the solution*.

* From capturing CO22 to regenerating soils and increasing biodiversity, growing hemp offers a number of environmental benefits that help mitigate the effects of climate change and restore healthy ecosystems.


Marta Vinhas

Graduated in Arts and Crafts.

20 years of experience in the textile industry, involved in the creation of brands and sustainability regulations.

Participation in projects to recover traditional textile knowledge.

Volunteer in beach and mountain cleanup actions, native tree plantations in high mountains.

Lover of nature, and all its biodiversity.

40,000+ Happy Customer

40,000+ Happy Customer

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12 Awards Won

12 Awards Won

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16 Years of Experiences

16 Years of Experiences

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Marca Zouri
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